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Pink Lotus Healing in Port Orange

If you are looking for a Healing massage in Port Orange, Pink Lotus Healing is the perfect place for you! Located in the heart of Port Orange, Pink Lotus Healing Inc is a premier Wellness Center that offers a range of holistic healing services for the mind and body. With a team of experienced and certified therapists, Pink Lotus Healing…


Benefits of a Therapeutic Healing Massage

When most people think of massage, they think of relaxation. And while massage can certainly help you relax, there are many other benefits to a therapeutic healing massage. Massage can help reduce pain and tension in the muscles, improve circulation, and promote tissue regeneration. If you suffer from chronic pain, Pink Lotus in Port Orange is an excellent place to…


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Facts about the benefits of therapeutic massage

Rubbing the muscles reduces aches and discomfort A tough exercise, or whatever is hard for you, leaves you feeling low.  Therapeutic healing massage in Port Orange is one of the top recuperation centers for sore muscle groups after workout routines, specifically in elite athletes. Similarly, in soothing sore muscle tissue, massage therapy can lessen physical pain in people who battle…


Information about the therapeutic deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage isn’t just a Swedish massage with deeper strokes or tougher pressure. Therapeutic deep tissue massage uses company pressure and is gradually stroked to get down into the deep layers of muscle and fascia, that’s the connective tissue that surrounds your muscular tissues. These knots can inhibit us circulate and motivate pain and irritation. When the massage starts,…